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He was an inspiration for all of us on model code for astrologers. He imbibed the code and boldly preached to young astrologers. We had our Executive Committee meetings in Woodland hotel most of the times. I found him present ahead of others on the given time inspite of adversities of weather.

He did not have personal means of communication. He used to take an Autorickshaw and attend our EC meetings or our one on one meetings. Many a times I offered him a drop off by self or other members which he declined every time saying he will get an Auto and manage on his own. In earlier Summits the Journal compilation, tracking proof reading and planetary tables, almost everything was looked after by Seshagiri Ji.

He used to remind all of us about non-receipt of articles, write mails to the authors and chase everyone till the Journal is in the final shape. All these activities were primary to him in spite of his personal discomfort. He was to undergo cataract surgery in the month of September but he postponed due to oncoming Summit activities. In the month of October he could read the chart with great efforts due to his eye problem. Getting down stairs was very difficult to him but he was keen to ensure the Summit activities to be through rather than his Cataract removal.

For Summit we tried a one day format against earlier two days. Unfortunately, to accommodate presentations from outside speakers we have to cut down on one presentation, which was volunteered by Seshagiri Ji. He rose above all personal gains, personal publicity and never expected anything in return. I dont know how to express our gratitude to such a great human soul. I fell all of us have a lot to learn from Seshagiri Ji. He never shared his sufferings in life. He was leading all KPAF activities from front and the gap due to his sudden demise cant be filled.

I was very fortunate to have Seshagiri Ji in our team as a validator and provider of quick second opinion. We also had many meetings to check out threads in complicated charts. He use to respond very quickly on emails. We had many interactions on emails and phones and documented good number of charts on various topics.

I lost a very good friend, philosopher and guide due to the sudden demise of Seshagiri Ji. Its a irreparable personal loss, organizattional loss and also loss to Astrloger fraternity. As he was not suffering from any major ailments apart from cataract we were taken aback when we heard that he expired due to heart attack.

It was unbelievable. Our senses stop working. It was some kind of cruel joke of destiny as Seshagiri Ji was in full swing for various preparations for the Summit On 6th November we had a forum meeting in which the subject was Match Making. Earlier, both of us have jointly presented the topic in Summit I requested Seshagiriji to take up three new cases for the meeting and present as I was not sure to attend this meeting.

To my utter surprise when I joined the forum activities on 6th November, Seshagiriji was not present. My first quesiton to the group was where is Seshagiri Ji? They told me that he is little feverish and could not join however sent the charts for the meeting. On the very next day we heard the bad news at around 1 PM through one of the forum members. We were dumbstruck! Seshagiri ji has never discussed his personal chart with us.

Once he told me what could be his Ascendant sublord and I told him it should be Mercury. In that context he said as per his birth time it is Saturn. I told him to add couple of minute to his birth time to make it Mercury. This is the only discussion I had on his birth chart. Seshagiri Ji is survived by his two sons and a large family. I offer deep condolences for resting his soul in peace. We will remember him always and he will always live in our hearts. P Ezine, Astrovison etc.

Experience of Astrology with self study of various books and journals and not had any Tutorship under any Guru. Activley participated in discussions of K. Email: kadavasalramani gmail. There are two types of method in Baskara Astrology. In this case the star lord is 9th. Counted from 2nd the Bhava which we are examining , it is 8th. This position is bad. As it is coming as 12th counted from 2nd, it is bad.

So in this case the fate of 2nd Bhava is very bad and will not give the results of 2nd Bhava. Please see the following Table for such results of Good or bad or neutral. Favourable Bhavas. For example: 1 If a natives 5th Bhava gets effective interlink through its star lord and sub lord, favourable Bhavas 5,7,9,1 or 3, he is sure to get a child at appropriate time.

Like this others. Unfavourable and evil Bhavas link will spoil the concerned Bhavas results and will not fetch any good results other than evil. There are 4 types of Interlinks in Baskara Astrology. They are : 1 Internal Effects : There are two types of Internal effects basically. If the same star lord and sub-lord, if they are inter-linked with other Bhavas, the results of those Bhavas too will be given by that planet. A model chart is given below to describe all the 4 kinds of inter-links. Scorpio Lagna native.

Ketu Rahu Mars Moon Satn. Rahu Rahu Satn. Mercury Rahu Venus Sun 5th Juptr. Moon Satn. Rahu Juptr. Moon Mars Satn. For finding the fate of the Bhava we are to take the Sub-Lord Moon only and examine its favourability or otherwise through its star lord and sub-lord.

Here Moon is the only planet having its own sub-lord for the 5th bhava, responsible to give its results as per Sl. Moons star lord is Saturn. He is having his own CSLs for 4 6 10 12 Bhavas. Let us take it in the format. This is called internal effect. There are 4 types of treatment of Bhava based on mainly CSL. The above example is the first kind of inter-link.. This type of link onl we often use in Baskara astrology. Even if there is no SubSub lord of its own, the planets star lord can be taken. Even if there is no star lord of its own exists, we can take the planets position of Bhava in the chart.

A Planet is having many other Bhavas as its inter-link. This is 2nd kind of Inter-link. When we examine 4th Bhava fate results, the remaining 6 10 12 , like the particular results of 4th Bhava changes, the other Bhavas 6,10,12 also will get changes. Since the 10th Bhava link, Saturn has its own and also thro its star lord Sun. Hence it becomes 1st kind of link and as 2nd type of link for other Bhavas of 4 6 This shows the combined effect of inter-links. Some times it may indicate two instances. When we consider the child birth 5th Bhava , it may indicate i child birth; at the same time ii mother of the childs death.

How the death of mother of the child? Saturn is CSL for 6th too. These are 6,8,12 to 5th Bhava, it prevents the progeny. These are 8 and 12th Bhava to 7th of the native. Thus these interlinks show both the incidents of i child birth and ii its mothers death. For example, in the chart referred to above for 1st and 2nd kind of inter-link, 5th CSL is Moon is star lord for Sun and Venus. So Sun and Venus both the planets are empowered to give child birth. During the Dasa, Bhudhhi, Anthara time. As Moon is star lord of Sun and Venus, it transfers her power to both Sun and Venus to take the function of 5th Bhava.

When we do not get the other kinds of links, then depending on the Bhavas. Example, in the above chart 2nd CSL is Rahu. His star lord is Jupiter.

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Jupiter is not CSL of any other Bhava. But Jupiter is posited in 10th Bhava from Lagna.


We take this as link. These Bhavas results only Venus is empowered to give during its dasa. Whether it is favourable to the native? We are to see the star lord of Venus. It is Moon.

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So Moon will answer to this query. Moon is 5th Bhava CSL. To 5th Bhava, 3,5,9,11 are favpourable. So this Dasa Venus will give only favourable results i. In the chart, Sun has no CSL of its own. Suns star lord is Moon and sub lord is Venus. Moon reflects 5th Bhava and Venus 1,3,7,9. So in Suns Dasa, 1,3,5,7,9 mastters will happen. Example 3. Dasa lord is not CSL of any Bhava. His star lord also does not get CSL of any Bhava. If there is sub-sub lord, then it will give that result.

At that time, Sani Sookshmam is running. In transit, Sani is in Suns star. Sani 8th Bhava Sookshma sub-sub lord in the chart. Sun gets link with 8th Bhava. But it is 10th house to 11th his friends, it will give unexpected. Profits and favourable results to them. Now a table of results of each Bhava, when it is involved in a question Horary. From questioned Bhava, if it signifies 1st Bhava, the matter related to the query will happen to our expectation. From questioned Bhava, if it signifies 2nd Bhava, the matter related to the query will happen more than what we expected.

This is called Vriddhi From questioned Bhava, if it signifies 3rd Bhava, the matter related to the query will happen with two results. Doubly This is called Pravriddhi From the questioned Bhava, if it signifies 4th Bhava, the matter related to the query will happen for short time, but it will remain unfinished later. From the questiond Bhava, if it signifies 5th Bhava, the related matter will take place without any trouble or hindrance. From the questioned Bhava, if it signifies 6th Bhava, the related matter will take place with the help of others or through others.

From the questioned Bhava, if it signifies 7th Bhava, the related matter will happen with competition and jealousy. From the questioned Bhava, if it signifies 9th Bhava, the related matter will happen. Exceptionally well than what we expected. From the questioned Bhava, if it signifies 10 Bhava, the related matter will remain. Incomplete at the last moment.

From the questioned Bhava, if it signifies 11th Bhava, the related matter will end with satisfaction. From the questioned Bhava, if it signifies 12th Bhava, the related matter will end with side effects, Investment, getting support of others, release from jail or from secret activities or will not happen at all. Like this one has to analyze each planet with its Bhava. Suppose the planet is for 5th, then you have to combine 5th with the 12 Bhavas.

Cuspal sub-lord Interlinks have been discussed so far. In the coming examples, Readers may find clearer picture when seeing the analysis. In Baskara Astrology, analysis is based on Sub Lords. In this there is no place of the exaltation, debilitation, friendly sign, enemy sign etc. No yogas, no cumbersome procedure of finding the significators, no planetary aspects. Before closing this chapter, I wish to narrate two instances, where Mr. Baskaran himself analysed and found out the results. Father of twin girls brought the charts of both the girls stating that both the girls are ready for the marriage and he has got a good suitable prospective alliance boy.

He desired to know who of the two girls would marriage first. There was only 10 minutes difference of birth time between them. Prospective bridegroom is only one and thee are two girls. The father of the girls, however, had brought the time and date of the attaining their puberty 1st menses. This is the only event Sri Baskaran could take it for verification. So Mr. Bakaran took the puberty chart first. The date and time of the 1st girls 1st puberty was at Hrs.

Place was the same as of their birth i. N; 77 deg. E; 2nd girls puberty time and date was at Hrs. The rule is when 5th Bhavas sub-sub lord Sookshma runs, the puberty will take place. Both the girls attained their puberty when the Sookshma lord was running according to the above rules. Now coming to the issue of marriage, it was the first time for to analyze the case of twins for Mr.

He requested the father of the girls to come next day for the result. The whole night he was restless without sleep and was thinking how to arrive at the correct decision, which girl will marry first. At late night, he got the flash in mind to use the linkage of cuspal sub lord with the current Dasa Bhukthi. Now 7th Bhava of both the girls were examined. Current Dasa Bhuddhi was examined.

It was Venus Bhukthi.

Shri Koushik, Kolkata

Venus is in th star of Mercury and Moon sub lord. Current Bhukthi is Mercury. Only the 2nd girl fulfills the requirement of 7th lord Sub is Mercury for her, which is the current Bhukthi. So Sri Baskaran decided only the 2nd girl will marry first. So the 1st girl will get married in Sun Bhuddhi. It happened exactly so, 2nd case : Sri Baskarans client along with his friend signed an agreement for doing joint business on at AM at Madurai.

He told the time to Sri Baskaran. He worked out the Bhava and planetary position for that time. It was Vrischika Lagna Scorpio and Jyeshta star. Sub lord Moon is in Vrischika Rasi-Jyeshta star. Mercury is CSL of 4 6 10 Jupiter is 2 5 8 11 CSLs. To this he enquired when tht separation will take place. Sri Baskaran told him that the matter or Sambhav where it is emanated there itself all about it will be known. In his star, Moon, Jupiter and Ketu three planets are there. When the Dasa, Bhukthi, Antharam run, this event of separation will happen.

At the time of signing the partnership deed, Balance of Saturn Dasa balance was 1 year 7 months and 12 days. Saturn has no gets CSL links. From Ketu Dasa is beginning. Ketu get Bhava links. So Ketu Dasa and Ketu Bhukthi is not favourable. Moon is favourable. Jupiter gets CS: links. On the day of breaking the Moon will transit either in Mercurys str or Moons stars, as Mercury and Moon are found in the Lagna at the time of signing the partnership. As per Sri Baskarans prediction, the partnership broke on Just a month before this date both had severe misunderstandings.

This tallies with the Lagna at the time of entering into the Agreement and the breading of partnership day. Thus Mr. Baskarans prediction came very correct. In my next article, I will take up Baskara Astrology theory in respect of 1 Lagna dependent and nonlagna dependent; 2 soul dependent and material dependent; 3 Whether it relates to single person or two persons; and many other matters.

Ramani jis quick recovery, good health and longevity. May God give him all the strength to recover from his sudden injury and ill-health. Besides teaching Parasharic and Jaimini astrology at ICAS, Bangalore and contributing to The Astrological Magazine in Jaimini theme since a decade till its closure in ; the author has special interest in The Krishnamurti Paddhati and is a serious student of this subject. Email: vk gmail.

This case is a recent case from my file of records. One of my close friends informed me about the marriage settlement proceedings going on fast track for his daughter and was very hopeful for its fruitful completion. Both girl and the proposed boy had chatted together that had seemed positive. He wanted me to calculate astrologically, if everything was well and if the marriage proposal would materialize without any glitch. I did not take any horary number from him and I casted a horary time chart to find out if the marriage settlement would take place.

The chart was rotated to 5th house to represent the daughter. The rotated time chart is enclosed herewith.

The Divine Forces of the Lunar Naksatras: As Originally Portrayed in the Vedas by Radhe

The chart is being analyzed as follows: The co-ordinates for judgment In a prashna chart for marriage settlement with a person in view, the lagna is the person to marry and the 7th house represents the proposed partner. For marriage to happen in the proposed partners, the Lagna, Moon and 7th house should signify the houses of marriage, with the clear consent of the 11th house.

In case of opposite houses being signified, the promise and fructifications gets cancelled. In case, if the partners mutually meet to discuss their emotional contents, the 3rd and 9th house gets the focus. Analysis by conventional KP norms 1. Study Moon in the un-rotated chart. Moon in the un-rotated chart indicates the mindset of the querist father of the girl. Note that Moon is the sub-lord of the cusp of Lagna and that of 5th cusp clearly indicating the matters about the children.

Since, Moon falls in the star of Rahu placed in 5th house and Rahu being the sublord of the 11th cusp suggests that the mind of the querist is focused on the marriage of his daughter 11th is 7th to the 5th cusp. With this, the chart was considered as authentic and was OK to proceed ahead.

Rest of the analysis, as follows, is based on the rotated chart. Look to the 3 house 3rd house is vacant and is lorded by Jupiter. Jupiter does not have any planet in its stars, thus is positionally strong. Note that Jupiter is placed in 6th house, which does indicates that the girl was not ready for the present alliance 6th house.

Jupiter is also the sub-lord of the 3rd cusp and due to its retrogression, the girl was not comfortable in her expressions. Due to retrogression, it is expected that the girl may not have opened up her volley of enquiries to the boy. Look to the 9th house 9th house is vacant and is lorded by retro-Mercury. Sun and Rahu are placed in its star, thus Sun and Rahu may dispense the results of the 9th house. Note that both Sun and Rahu are placed in the star of retro-Mercury and both are placed in lagna, indicating that even the boy would not be able to open up himself during talks with the girl and the mutual deliberations may trigger many doubts in the mind of the girl lagna for further clarification.

Look to the 7th house This house is the house of the boy in prashna and generally for the marriage alliance. Ketu is posited in the 7th house and it is expected that Jupiter dispenses the results of Jupiter being in its star. Note that Jupiter is retro and is placed in 6th house.

This does not portend well towards the fructification of marriage. Rahu is the sub-lord of the 7th cusp and its placement in the star of retro-Mercury does not allow the matter to proceed further. Look to the 11th house 11th house is vacant and is lorded by Sun as the lord of 11th house. Sun is positionally strong and its placement in lagna does not indicate the marital proceedings to move ahead due to some ego issues Sun perceived by the girl lagna.

Principally, retro-Mercury being the 11th sub-lord 8th, 9th and 12th lord and Saturn 4th and 5th lord being in the star of Mercury does not indicating any fruitful results coming on the way because the 11th sub-lord Mercury signifies th houses at the stellar level and lagna at the sub level. Thus, 11th house did not indicate any fruitful result towards the marriage settlement. There is no need of adding additional 30deg, as the Lagna falls between Moon to Sun.

Note as follows. Punya LSP falls in the 6th house, thus the marriage settlement is in doubt. Rahu is the sub-lord of Punya LSP and its placement in retro Mercury as th lord does not promise anything positive. Thus, the native does not carry with her the luck and punya for marriage settlement. Calculate Vivaha LSP to check the quality of marital life. There is a need of adding additional 30deg, as the Lagna does not falls between Venus to Saturn. Vivaha LSP falls in the 11th house, thus the issue of marriage settlement would go a certain extent. Venus falls in its own star thus signifying th houses at the stellar level.

Venus falls in the sub of Mercury which is retro and placed in lagna as th lord. This clearly shows the negative results for marriage settlement. Thus, the marriage settlement may not go forward. There is a need of adding additional 30deg, as Mercury does not fall between Moon to Saturn. Karya-Siddhi LSP falls in 6th house meaning that the marriage settlement is denied. Rahu is the sub-lord of Karya-Siddhi LSP placed in lagna, hinting that the girl lagna would not fall in favor of marriage. At the stellar level, Rahu falls in the star of retro-Mercury as lord of th houses placed in lagna, denying the subject matter of marriage.

Thus, the marriage settlement may not happen. Dasha sequence As discussed above, both Rahu and Mercury were not conducive to any positive fruitfulness of marriage settlement. Conclusion In view of the above analysis, I was of the opinion that there was no chance of this marriage proposal getting matured towards marriage settlement and the girl would reject the marriage alliance herself. This was communicated to my friend and obviously, he was deeply dejected. Facts of the case My friend contacted me to tell the brief outcome as follows. Girl was not satisfied with the talks she had with the boy and had many more queries in mind for clarifications.

She declared on the night of Dec 16, that she was ultimately not interested to the boy and the same was communicated to the boys family. Note that Moon was transiting in Purva-Phalguni star lorded by Venus. Since, Venus falls in the sub of retro-Mercury, it did trigger the matter in negative. Acknowledgement I conclude herewith with my sincere thanks to Prof.

Krishnamurthy, who has devised a pioneering predictive model in astrology, which deserves sincere appreciation. And modern scientists took the principles forward and made many new inventions. Sri Vijay Kumars article is of similar nature wherein he used the principles of KP sublord theory and fine tuned prediction with his LSP method. Sri Vijay Kumar ji is showing all the readers the efficacy of his LSP method with practical examples and correct predictions. He is very interested in research in astrology using both ancient and novel astrological methods. Practices art since and is also involved in making research in the unknown mysteries of human history.

She was At the time of her disappearance, Ylenia was staying in a hotel with street musician Alexsander Masakela. Masakela was arrested, but eventually released for lack of evidence to connect him to Ylenias disappearance. The only other possible lead was a security guard who saw a woman, vaguely matching her description, jump into the Mississippi River. A coast guard search turned up no sign of her body, which may have been washed out to sea; and it has never been established that the person was in fact Ylenia, however.

Police searches have revealed nothing, but bizarre sightings of her, like this recent one have been well publicized in Italy. Her mother still believes shes alive while Albano has stated that he believes the security guards story. Ylenia was the hostess on the Italian version of Wheel Of Fortune in , and was regarded as something of a celebrity in her native country.

With the help of KP astrology I will try to see if she is still alive or not? Andrew Dutta , 1st sub-lord is not Sun but Venus. Medium life: Asc sub-lord should signify houses 1,5,9,10,11 and 6,8,12 with no bhadaka planet. Long life: Asc sub-lord should signify houses 1, 3,8 ,5,9,10,11 with no bhadaka planet. Analysis 1st Sub-lord is Venus in 4th house and owner of 9 Bhadaka and 8, in star of Rahu in 12th house asp by Jubiter in 9th bhadaka house and owner of 2 Maraka and 11, in own sub in 4th house and owner of 9 Bhadaka and 8. Venus signify bad houses 8,mrk,bdk,12 and a good house 11 in star signification.

It seams a short life from 0y to 32years ,but the presence of 11 in the star can indicate maybe a medium life from 33 to 66 years? So to be sure I will use the new KP Pam theory. Only signs signification and aspects on cups are used. Analysis of the Planet -Star Sub should be done in a separate way. The code is: From 12 to 36 years. Note: Vedic Pam theory Saptarishis Magazine gives same code. The first analysis indicates maybe a short life so to be sure and also to confirm the first analysis I have cast an horary chart.

Rule Book : Sixth reader page absent person dead or alive: If the sub-lord is in the constellation of a planet who is the significator of Bhadaka and Maraka , boldy declare that he is dead. Conclusions This analysis reveals that she might not be alive? Because Ketu star lord the Moon, signify Maraka and Bhadaka in the horary chart, the analysis of the Natal chart confirms and shows a short lifespan. God bless her Editors Note This article from Vediko will help all readers to make practical analysis with respect to missing persons longevity.

Krishnamurthy S. He developed this theory in after many years of painstaking research. Sri Gondhalekar is a mechanical engineering diploma holder, who has also studied KP technique from and is the winner of many awards and titles. From , he is the editor of a Marathi language magazine of astrology: Nakshatrache Dene, published from Maharashtra, India. Email: sunilalaka yahoo. Investment is a need of the man.

And he is always in a search of it. Investment in Share Market is nowadays very popular due to high returns. But investment in shares is also a risky affair. But it is possible to gain from share market with help of 4 step Theory. It is very difficult to predict which share will rise and will give you good returns with the help of astrology, but it will be easy if someone gives the clue to buy a specific share, which is called as a tip. There are two type of investment in share market.

Short term investment. Long term investment One can invest as he wishes. But trend of today is a short term investment. There was a tip to buy the share of Arvind Mill at Rs. Horary no. Rule: for gain in short term investment we have to judge 5th cuspal sublord. And it should be strong significator of 2 or 6 or 11 houses. Houses are also supportive houses for gains. The gain will be during in chain of houses in DBA. Swami Venus:- 10 1 8 Here sublord is signifying and 6 houses indicates that the native can gain in short term. Now we have to check DBA for the gain period. Now let check the signification of Dasalord Rahu.

Swami Rahu:- 2 Rashi-Swami Jupiter 5 3 6 Dasalord signifies houses which are favorable for gains. Swami Venus:- 10 1 8 Here Ketu signifies houses which are also favorable for gains. Swami Sun:- 9 11 Mercury signifies houses are also favorable for gains. So we can come to conclusion that the native can gain good profit up to 23rd Aug. The price of the share was moving up day by day and it touched to Rs.

On 9th Aug. The native has sold the shares at this price and got the handsome profit. During this period Jupiter Sookshma was operating. It is for the academic interest to know the future of this share. Currently, it is quoting at Rs. All credit goes to 4 step Theory. Cautionary note: The gains from share market depends on destiny indicated in the natives chart. Vaikari Ramamurthy - Medavakkam Mr. She had participated in many Astro conferences and seminars and delivered talk on importance of stellar astrology. She have honorary titles like Jyothida Thendral, Jyothida Ratna, etc.

She had contributed number of articles in Tamil astrology magazines. She is a keen follower of Naadi Jyothisa of Meena2 system and also disciple of Dr. I have analysed here the 10th house quoting the principles based on the book Stellar Effects in Astrology Jeeva and Sareera for the benefit of readers. Rule: If the Jeeva or Sareera planets of the Sun and the tenth house are strong and in connection with the 11th house, then the native attains prominence in their respective field. He managed six industries dealing in personal computers, animated movies, music, phones, tablet computing and digital publishing.

Let us analysis by applying Jeeva and Sareera concepts to know which planet has contributed for his success in his life. Steve Jobs : Star Uthiraphal Satabhisha Uthrabhadra. Analysis: Lagna and 10th house lord Mercury is in the star of Moon. Moon has become the Jeeva planet.

Jeeva planet Moon is in the star of Saturn and hence Saturn has become the Sareera planet. Since Ketu gets digbala in 10th hosue, Ketu has become Jeeva planet. Venus is in the Star of Sun and hence Sun has become the Sareera planet. Moon is in the star of Saturn, Saturn has become Jeeva planet.

Ketu is in the star of Rahu, but Rahu is with Venus, Venus snatches Sareera power from Rahu since she has digbala and become Jeeva planet. The Jeeva planet Moon is the lord of 11th house, posited in 7th house indicates business and also professional partnership with others. The 10th house Jeeva planet Moon is also the lord of 11th house indicates successful business ability, favours from Nobles, good imagination, high creativity, royal emblems and symbols etc. The 10th Jeeva planet Moon is also the Jeeva planet for the lagna, shows that the person always thinks on profession and new products.

His ideas and concepts on business plans will be keep changing due to new inventions aiming on dynamic market need. The 10 house Sareera planet Saturn is posited in Libra and that too in its exaltation house. Saturn is in the star of 7th lord Jupiter and also being aspected by the 7th lord Jupiter and hence Saturn gets double digbala making Sareera planet very strong. The Sareera planet Saturn is also aspecting the 11th house.

Sareera planet Saturn is the lord of 5th and 6th houses being aspected by the Jupiter from 10th house also made the native to gain wealth, strong will power, flourish in his business and also expand his business, to become a leader of big institution. The Sareera planet Saturn is being aspected by the conjunct Jupiter and Ketu from the 10th house made him to master in computer science. Jeeva plant Venus is posited in 4th house with digbala, Venus is the best yoga karaka for Virgo Lagna.

Karaka and also the Sareera planet Sun is being aspected by Jupiter posited in 10th house enabled the Sun to get digbala. Note here that the Jeeva planet Venus getting digbala and she is also yoga karaka planet for the lagna, helped the Sun to get strength and this made the native to get sharp intellect, wealth and popularity, success in his attempts. Over and above analysis, we can see the connection of Venus yoga karaka planet being Sareera planet for 2nd,3rd,4th,5th,6th,7th,8th and 9th houses and Jeeva planet for 12th house.

The strong Sun as Jeeva planet for the 2nd house,9th house and Sareera for the 12th house. Exalted Saturn is being Sareera for 10th house and Jeeva for 11th house. Yoga karaka Venus, the strong Sun and exalted Saturn had connection to almost all the houses either as Jeeva or Sareera made the native very famous, influential, rich and successful business man. Steve Jobs flourished in his business and got name and fame during the dasa of Venus Sareera planet for 2nd,3rd,4th,5th,6th,7th,8th and 9th houses and Jeeva planet for 12th house and the Sun Jeeva planet for the 2nd house,9th house and Sareera for the 12th house.

NVRA Raja. Meena2 Steve Jobs Birth details were taken from internet. However, chart in the article is correct as per the date given here. Errata courtesy: Dr. Rao Nemani, Ms. Sujata Dash and Mrs. The author is also practicing KP astrology and is interested in research on KP astrology. As per birth time, the Lagna cusp can fall in any of the 12 rashis in zodiac, so a person can have either any of the 3 types of lagna, i. For any horoscope, 7,8,12 is unfavorable, and either lagna lord or lagna CSL making a connection to these bhavas, makes the lagna weak for the horoscope.

Now, from above discussion we can understand that there can be basically 3 types of lagna strength as per KP; 1. Editors Comments: Some self-declared reviewers are trying to misguide people that there is no concept of connection in KP. Thanks to authors like Mr. Kausik Roy who have shown it to us once again.

Readers can also read page 21 of the book Nakshatra Chintamani by late Chandrakant Ratneswar Bhatt Edition to grasp the full meaning of connection in KP. Medium strong lagna:- When either of the lagna lord or lagna bhava making connection only to unfavorable houses with no connection to favorable houses. Weak lagna:- When both lagna lord and lagna bhava are weak.

To elaborate the point, let me explain with an example. So Medium strength for lagna lord. Similarly, if in any chart lagna lord and 1st CSL are connected to only 4,5,7,8,12 houses then it can safely be concluded that the lagna is weak. Impact of Lagna strength in natives life:- When lagna lord and the lagna bhava is weak, the other bhavas and planets however strong they may be, what favorable results expected of them is not offered and to the contrary offer only meager results. All human beings. And, Natives having a weak lagna level, will have a low level education, non-cooperative wife, problematic children, no status in the society, no reward for a hard work and so on.

They will not be able to reach a higher status in life. Therefore persons born in any lagna or rasi, when one has a strong lagna bhava and lagna lord they enjoy a happy and prosperous life. If one has a weak lagna bhava and lagna lord, even when other 11 bhavas are strong and the planets also are strong to offer favorable results, one cannot have a happy, glorious and prosperous life.

In both the charts 2nd CSL also connected to favorable 2,6,10,11 houses. When Jupiter dasha will start, the strong lagna native will get enormous riches and becomes a millionaire but the native with a medium to weak lagna can only be able to gather sufficient wealth and can become wealthy person to some extent only.

Obviously both the natives will enjoy a rise in financial position and incoming wealth in their JUP dasha, but the extent of the result will be controlled by strength of LAGNA only. So lagna is a most important pivot in any horoscope, and therefore at the very outset of judging any horoscope, one needs to judge the strength of lagna lord and lagna bhava. Therefore, when we start to predict, it is our prime duty to verify the lagna bhava and the lagna lord to understand the potential of the horoscope and give the extent of prediction accordingly.

Readers must note that KSK First analyzed the Lagna, before discussing other aspects in the horoscope. JASA thanks Mr. Kausik Roy for showing everyone the true approach to KP!! He is in Mining profession for the past 30 years. His academic track record includes his successful pursuits MA in Astrology, M.

N V RA Raja had been interested in the phenomenon of occult right from the very beginning. He was drawn to occultism and gradually destined towards the astrology. He has many tittles of honor and publication to his credit in the field of astrology. He has a flair for teaching, counseling the people in the astrology. It is an accepted principle in astrology that when a planet is exalted it becomes powerful or strong. Some learned astrologers are of the view that an exalted planet gives good results, but this may not be correct.

When the lord of 6th or 8th or 12th house becomes exalted it may not be beneficial to the native, as far as the prosperity in the material world is concerned. NV Raghava Chary Meena2 had given wonderful stellar principles to assess the strength of the planets and given methods to identify digbala of planets using stellar effects.

Whereas Sri N V Raghava Chary Meena2 further clarifies and states that a planet need not alone be posited in a house as per classical texts to get digbala directional strength , even if they are posited in a different house but have stellar connection or are associated with the planets who own the house that gives digbala to the planet, is enough for a planet to get digbala. I would like to clarify further with example charts. As per Naadi principles even if Jupiter is posited in a naksatra whose lord is posited in Lagna then also Jupiter gets Digbala.

Asc Sun. Jupiter is in U. Here Jupiter is in Ashlesha naksatra whose lord is Mercury and Mercury is lord of the Lagna so Jupiter has got connection to Lagnakendra and gets Digbala. Lagna Jupiter Mercury Rasi. Here Jupiter is in conjunction with Mercury and Mercury is the lord of the Lagna and hence Jupiter gets Digbala due to his association with Lagna lord Mercury. Sat Lagna. Here Saturn is being aspected by the 7th lord Jupiter, even though Saturn is posited in its debilitated house it gets digbala.

Example: 5 Here Saturn is in the naksatra of Bharani whose lord Venus is posited in the 7th house, even though Saturn is posited in its debilitated house it gets digbala due to being in Venus naksatra. Here we will have to understand the basic principles of Stellar astrology that the 1 Planets deliver their good or bad effects based on the Naksatra they occupy not because they are in Uchha or Neecha positions in the horoscope 2 Even if the planets posited in neecha rasi deliver good result when possess digbala. Many astrologers may be wondering that the Venus posited in Uchha rasi Pisces for a native could not get best results or not in a position to enjoy dasa of Venus.

As per Naadi principles if Venus posited in Uthirabhadrapadha naksatra whose lord is Saturn Rajasic planet Venus gets the guna of tamasic 3 then the native may not get good results during Venus dasa. Here we will have to understand that Uchha status of a planet may not give good results if they are not posited in a required naksatra. She is a meritorious student and got medical seat on merit and did her MD also. She is a very famous doctor in that district. Lagna lord and 4th lord Mercury is in the star of Chitha Mars and Mars is posited in Lagna and hence Mercury got digbala.

Venus the 5th lord is in her debilitated house and being posited in 4th house she has got digbala. This lady has got one male issue and a female issue; both the children are very charming and beautiful. This is due to 5th lords strength with digbala. She is living with her husband happily, note her 7th lord Jupiter is in the star of Lagna lord Mercury and hence Jupiter gets digbala. She is managing bedded hospitals profitably. The Moon is in her debilitated house but gets digbala being in Jesta naksatra whose lord Mercury owns the fourth house.

She has a fine relationship with her mother and mother is very healthy and this lady has got a beautiful house and vehicles and earning very well. This is due to 2nd house lord, karaka for mother and comfort getting digbala even though the Moon is posited in her debilitated house. The ninth lord Saturn is posited in the 2nd house and is being aspected by the 7th lord Jupiter from Pisces and hence Saturn gets digbala.

Note here that the Sun is posited in his debilitated sign and this is neturalised by the 9th lord. She has an aged father and relationship with him is very good and he has got good name in that locality.

Best Astrologers in Belghoria, Kolkata

Let us look at Rahu, he is in the star of 7th lord Jupiter and hence he also gets digbala and helped her to flourish in her profession. Here Lagna lord and 4th lord Mercury has got digbala,2nd lord Moon has got digbala,5th lord Venus has got digbala,7th and 10th lord Jupiter got digbala,8th and 9th lord Saturn has got digbala and finally Rahu has also got digbala. The prosperity house lords like 2nd and 5th are getting digbala even though their lords are posited in debilitated house. No one should condemn a horoscope just because two or three planets are posited in their debilitated houses but we should apply stellar effects to the planets to analyse their strength to arrive proper conclusion.

Raja, are revealed to the general public only once in a life time. Raja has done a great service and priceless contribution to the field of astrology and also to believers and users of astrological science by authoring this article. Daily predictions, immediate results, pointed answers et al can be found through this article.

This is a treasure that will remain as one of the most prized possession for all readers. News items can accompany with photographs of events.

Send to astrojasa gmail. He is well known KP Astrologer practicing for last 10 years. He regularly contributes articles for Nakshatrache Dene only KP periodical in Marathi edited by renowned astrologer Mr. Sunil Gondhalekar. He contributes astrological articles for Astrovision e-magazine also. He is an active member of many astrological discussion groups. A discussion about different BTR methods, their reliability, testing on sufficiently big database of actual horoscopes on such a worldwide platform was expected to result in standard, uniform results by learned astrologers.

The result of study on AA rated charts was posted in a message 5 in an internet group. However birth details for data and the methodology used was not given. Serious researchers may find the lack of these two vital information impeding future studies.

One member tested this rule on a set of AA rated charts and the results were presented in forum through a message3. In this test also Birth details for charts and methodology used was not revealed. Test results for both these tests were subsequently published in an online astrological magazine from India. Summary of Results of Test The contents of message are reproduced below for easy reference for all readers.

Method propagated by Sri M. This rule was applied on AA sample records. Here is the summary of the results. Note on Methodology When carrying out any research work, it is general practice to mention: a aim of the research b methodology proposed to be used c source of data to be tested d how the results are going to be analyzed and finally e interpretation of results and conclusion s drawn. Here, as can be seen, only the summary of results is given without even a mention of necessary details cited above.

On detail scrutiny and study of the said summary, following things can be concluded. The rule has been applied on AA sample records. The Author is silent about the method applied for testing the rule. The rule stands rejected as the percentage of failures or rejection is Therefore normally, Moon Star will not change in a span of 60 min i. There are two and a quarter Nakshatras in one Sign. It is well known fact that these subs are unequal. Therefore time taken by Ascendant to travel through these subs will vary and will be dependent on the arc of particular sub viz 2.

However, on an average, this will be about 6 min per sub. Therefore in majority of the cases Ascendant Sub-sub will match the sub lord of Moon. These facts were pointed out in an internet forum through messages and message Unfortunately not a single senior or learned member commented, criticized or supported these views. The purpose is mainly to bring out defective methodology applied for the test.

नक्षत्र वृक्ष Plants & Trees of 27 Nakshatras (Stars)

Naturally the conclusion drawn from the test on AA charts with defective methodology will be unreliable. It is possible that the rule may not be satisfied at that exact moment, but at some time in between this interval of 5 minutes. This possibility is not taken into consideration thus rendering the test results unreliable. Therefore it is an humble request to astrologer fraternity to think rationally before blindly accepting conclusion.

The point can be proved by analyzing same data for AA charts if made available, but unfortunately the said data is not available. However the test results given on page 2 of AA charts show that the second hypothesis fails in This raised doubt about reliability of test and conclusion drawn.

Hence this review was necessary. The result of test b was posted in the same internet group by message number One can imagine what will be the reaction by real researchers from astrological community. All learned astrologers, it is hoped, will not blindly accept conclusions of any such studies in absence of 1 basic data 2 purpose of study 3 methodology applied. This applies to present review also. In fact any effort to point out fallacies noticed in this review will be highly appreciated.

In the last issue of JASA, Sri Ektare ji exposed the self appointed custodian of KP and a self-proclaimed KP reference giver on the internet who also churns out anything in the name of research in his own monthly magazine. In this article, the readers can see how, for many years, thousands of KP lovers were misguided by this fellow in the name of research.

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