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I had no reason to think this time would be any different. This was the ninth UAC. Of those eight conferences, if memory serves me correctly, I was nominated for a Regulus seven times. I bet she was even more shocked than I was. There are simple things to be said here, and they are no less true or less sincere for being obvious and a bit pro forma. I am happy and grateful to receive this honor. I want to thank everyone in the sponsoring organizations who voted for me.

Blessings to those who did not vote for me too — I know there were other worthy nominees.

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I also extend my gratitude to the people who volunteer their time to keep the organizations going, and reserve a special bow for the long-suffering, head-banging souls who made UAC happen. It is an epochal undertaking. But there are deeper waters here. I mentioned that I did not attend the first UAC, back in At that time, I had basically never met another professional astrologer. My first book, The Inner Sky , came out with Bantam Books in , but it took a while to catch on in the astrological community.

Star Regulus Are You a Leader, King, President or CEO?

It was — and still is, in some ways — a maverick work. Evolutionary astrology has always been.

I have been railing against that kind of astrological rigidity for forty years. I am happy to think that I played a part in that sea-change in the astrological community. But I have always felt like an outsider. That perspective was visible in the pages of The Inner Sky , right from the beginning, but it really took over as the heart of my astrological work about thirty years ago.

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I know that and accept it. As an astrologer, I honor diversity: no one is required to agree with me. The situation took some ugly turns. All the while that mess was playing out, my Astrological Apprenticeship Program was taking off — and taking up much of my teaching time.

It has grown to be almost the size of ISAR. The upshot was that my active involvement with the organizations diminished. I emphasize that this was not a bad or bitter feeling.

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I still supported the organizations and would occasionally speak at their events. Cut to twenty years later. There I am in my necktie, sitting in the banquet hall at the chi-chi Chicago Downtown Marriott hotel, waiting for someone else to win the Regulus Award yet again. Steven Forrest. Transiting Uranus one half a degree from a conjunction with my lunar north node — expect the unexpected. This means that the stars themselves, separately and in combination, impart their own unique influence upon the planets.

Even the many Varga or harmonic charts, such as the Navamsa and Dasamsa, although derived charts, have their ultimate basis in the Rasi chart and are thus based upon real physical, astronomical positions. The cluster of the Seven Sisters or the Pleiades, the stars of the great Scorpion, and the Big Dipper that points the way to the Pole Star, look much the same today as they did to our ancient ancestors. There are a total of 88 constellations in the heavens, as defined by modern-day astronomers.

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Only 12 of these however are used in astrology. Because astrologers are mainly concerned with the constellations that fall close to the ecliptic, the apparent path of the Sun around the Earth in reality the path of the Earth around the Sun. The zodiac is defined as a band of space that extends about 8 to 9 degrees on either side of the ecliptic. All of the visible planets will always be found within this band. Degrees north or south of the ecliptic are called celestial latitude and are similar to the bands of latitude that we use here on terra firma or Mother Earth.

However, as it is the closest 1 st magnitude star to the early degrees of Gemini, it was probably taken by ancient astrologers to denote Ardra for this reason.

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It is important to note here that when using individual fixed stars, astrologers do not limit themselves to the confinement of the zodiacal belt, but make use of stars from all over the vast heavens and the many extra-zodiacal constellations. He had a Libra lagna with Mars conjunct Regulus in the 11 th house of gains and friends. This combination led to not only gains from his voice but gave him abundant opportunities in life and friends in high places. Venus with Regulus can also give friends and partners in prominent postions, but is supposed to lead to disappointments in love affairs.

Venus in the 12 th is.

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regulus award astrology Regulus award astrology
regulus award astrology Regulus award astrology
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