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Mona Riegger (Gemini)

COM offers a lot of free features on the subject. With high-quality horoscope interpretations by the world's leading astrologers Liz Greene, Robert Hand and other authors, many free horoscopes and extensive information on astrology for beginners and professionals, www. February 22, Juan Downey — has been recognized as an early pioneer of video art, but like many of his contemporaries, his interest was much broader than a single medium.

Initially trained as an architect in Chile, where he was born, he traveled throughout Europe, meeting artists working with kinetics and interaction, Several sets of 12 small perforated metal sheets, like those that hang on workshop walls, are arranged in tidy grids. Each set holds a number of tools or objects, short pieces of chain on one, plastic cutting templates on another, Museum Tinguely, Basel.

To my left the casual love of mismatched hearts is expiring. She tells him to calm down. It is breathtakingly awkward. They resign themselves to stillness until a grinding electronic drone heralds their graceless end. She makes a break for January 31—February 4, February 9, International Film Festival Rotterdam. The scale and ambition of International Film Festival Rotterdam IFFR , which packs short and feature films into 12 days of independent cinema, as well as talks, performances, and gallery installations in venues across the city, makes it almost uniquely difficult to approach, even for the experienced visitor.

The sprawling January 24—February 4, For true mystics, there is no division between the real and the spiritual.


The symbolic folds into our lives, shaping the world and us in it. The cool kiss of rain can be a curse or a blessing from the gods. Stumbling in the street en route to meet your Blum and Poe, Los Angeles. The deeply saturated color is used on television sets and in the production of special effects for movies and videogames because it contrasts so profoundly with most human skin colors. In the basement of a former Berlin crematorium, a small brass instrument sputters and hisses.

It is also the closest this group exhibition about rhythm gets to danceability. No surprise there. A modernist critical framework would have you believe that the difference between a machine and sculpture is the same as between politics and aesthetics: a machine uses power to fulfill a function, while a sculpture is all about form and taste. Knowing that this is bullshit—that there is no apolitical A cactus in a terracotta pot stands beside a laptop playing music through a speaker. The balcony doors are wide open. A cool breeze prompts me to the terrace. I see a brick building, leafy trees, and people crossing the street.

I can hear foliage rustling. I look around the January 23, January 19, These perennial investigations January 17, The fashion for Chinese decoration, architecture, and craft in Europe was the first great wave of exoticism in Western culture. It lasted for more than a century, from roughly —when Louis XIV commissioned the Trianon de Porcelaine , a Chinese-inspired architectural folly, for Versailles—to the end of the eighteenth century.

Franco Noero, Turin. January 11, January 9, First, it posits that the music of Detroit, ca. January 5, Aired in November , the American TV movie terrified over million viewers with its graphic images of a nuclear conflict between the US and the Soviet Union, leading Galleria Fonti and Museo Madre, Naples. Sun Ra stands in front of Galerie Buchholz, New York.

William Forsythe's "Choreographic Objects". There were no hesitations, no missteps; no point at which one limb converged onto another, when one cut of cloth got caught up in another. Gagosian Le Bourget, Paris. Flowers fade at different rates. In the November chill of a Glasgow art gallery, cut flowers—carefully arranged in a vase on the floor, their silhouette cast against the wall by the light from a projector—are taking their time to die, or to appear dead. When exactly do cut flowers die? Hunterian Art Gallery, Glasgow. Nils Staerk is the latest commercial gallery to spring up amidst the coffee shops and organic wine bars in Nordvest, a district of Copenhagen that the local media are more likely to associate with violent crime and unemployment.

A further reminder of the uncomfortable coexistence of two worlds stands directly Nils Staerk, Copenhagen. December 13, In his three-volume book Principles of Geology , Charles Lyell pioneered a theory whose clunky title belies its elegance. Seventeen Gallery, London. Art Basel Miami Beach. Remember to React. Jenny Holzer is trying to tell us something. Art Basel Miami Beach, Miami. December 8, Gallery Weekend Mexico City was originally scheduled to open September 21, by which time everyone who could was out in the streets clearing rubble and handing out food and water.

November 9—12, For some people, economy is mostly about money. But that is stupid: economy is actually about something else. Money is just the medium conventionally assigned to all tasks understood as economic. In the end, money is just a medium. For all those who firmly believe that the medium is the Tanya Leighton Gallery, Berlin. Not having a story to tell from the beginning or possibly starting from the middle is how Taoism describes time: continuity without a starting point.

Galerie Chantal Crousel, Paris. December 1, Dublin Gallery Weekend. Dublin is a dirty and disjointed city, a tangle of loosely connected neighborhoods best navigated on foot. On arrival my smartphone gave up the ghost, transforming the schedule of Dublin Gallery Weekend—a semi-coordinated program of exhibition openings, performances, and events—into a Situationist strategy.

Deprived of online mapping services, I was November 23—26, November 30, November 27, He dispensed the recipe for urban achievement: find and Various locations, Los Angeles. November 22, As evening fell, the Blade Runner -esque streets around Nanzuka Gallery began to seethe with a human froth of staggering zombies, gibbering corpses, and wounded cosplay nurses. Despite their macabre costumes, the crowds Nanzuka Gallery, Tokyo. Jiwa is a pre-Islamic, polytheistic, and specifically Indonesian concept that signifies a way of living in which thinking and feeling go hand-in-hand, and of living in harmony with nature and with one another.

November 5—December 19, November 13, Paula Cooper Gallery, New York. November 10, An exhibition vitrine in a contemporary exhibition is a knowing nod to long traditions of display. Museums, according to Bennett, are places where Georg Kargl Fine Arts, Vienna. If your first associations with Colombia are cocaine, paramilitary violence, and the rapacious plunder of natural resources by neo-colonialist corporations, then you are only half right, according to this spirited, unkempt, and organizationally flawed exhibition of Colombian artists at The Box, Los Angeles.

The Box, Los Angeles. November 3, The medieval wardrobe of a sadomasochist, the secret torture chamber gear of a conflicted superhero, grim relics of gods from the deepest abysses of a broken dimension, or, as they truly are, artworks, sparsely hung, dangling from ropes, splayed like bodies, and rippled into curtains of parachute silk, with one Hannah Hoffman Gallery, Los Angeles.

November 1, Cosey Fanni Tutti. Hollybush Gardens, London. October 26, Katinka Bock compares works to words and exhibitions to texts. Meyer Riegger, Berlin. October 25, The practice of Canadian-born, Los Angeles-based artist Cassils expands upon—and queers—a feminist performance-art tradition, molding their transgender masculine physique through rigorous fitness regimens and durational actions.

Cassils grapples with their political desire to represent transgender lives Ronald Feldman Gallery, New York. October 17, One contender for the role of feminist October 13, David Zwirner Books, New York. October 11, Frieze Art Fair. Leave or Remain, Trump or Clinton, terror, peace, boredom, or indifference: no matter where the world is at culturally, politically, socially, or existentially, there will always be another Frieze fair in early October. October 4—8, October 6, October 4, September 20, —January 7, You put on headphones and wander across a football field at the end of the world.

September 29, Just like solving a crime, it becomes necessary to establish a motive. Gallery , Accra. Salon du Salon, Marseille. September 22, State neglect, hobbled budgets, and poor leadership at the South African National Gallery in Cape Town, as well as important municipal Goodman Gallery, Cape Town. September 21, Can the German art market support four art fairs?

The battle over market share is in full swing. Art Karlsruhe is a bit out of the game.

Although it seems like a major event with more than exhibitors, it can only cater to the country's southwestern local audience due September 14—17, September 18, They were about to open a Galeria Mayoral, Barcelona. September 15, September 8, The city of Yokohama blends almost seamlessly into Tokyo, forming one of the largest and most disaster-prone urban agglomerations in the world.

But there are subtle differences between Yokohama and its northern neighbor—the smell of the Pacific, the quiet, moat-like boulevards—and major ones: this is where Western modernity breached the The Captain Lied. Fondazione Prada, Venice. Originally the ancestral home of the Stirling-Maxwell baronetcy, the house was built in and is run now by the National Trust as a public museum.

Much of Pollok House, Glasgow. Another: hearing about their dreams is even worse. The invitation to the third solo show by Mandla Reuter at Francesca Minini bears no title or explanation. It relies on just one image, evocative enough on its own: a moonless sea, rippled by waves. Even the press release, stripped of all syntax, is reduced to a chain of words Francesca Minini, Milan.

Where to begin? Where else but at this stage? The cotton There is no animal in this country that does that type of thing. It was the size of a giant tiger. It was about a meter long and had black, silky fur. The belief in the existence of elusive, strange, fabulous, and extraterrestrial animals is ubiquitous and timeless. Predatory giant turtles, Galerie Pompom, Sydney.

Russian Pavilion: "Theatrum Orbis". In the late nineteenth century, a medium was someone with the alleged ability to act as a psychic conduit April 21—July 3, The crumbling architecture, with its exposed dry walls and frayed edges, introduces an exhibition in which seemingly solid physical and psychical structures are undone. The new extension of Centro Pecci designed by NIO Architecten Rotterdam, and inaugurated last fall is a ring-shaped volume clad in golden aluminum, halfway between a UFO from a s B-movie and the corporate headquarters of a German car brand, surrounded by an urban sprawl of office blocks, residential buildings, Centro Pecci, Prato.

John Gerrard's "X. Where is the bright line between life and the simulation of life? And what then are the criteria for assessing aliveness? Simon Preston, New York. When lost for words, hands are tools to point, wave, and otherwise indicate meaning.

Astrologer May Sim Answers: Can Astrology Really Predict Love Compatibility? - ZULA Features - EP 20

While much of this form of communication is intuitive, firsthand knowledge is highly performative: as hands trace airborne paths, their gestures form recognizable patterns that may relay receptiveness or fear, in a cognizant yet affective process Maisterravalbuena, Lisbon. The air was hot and filled with din. Art Basel opened on Tuesday as a more laid-back affair than the previous two editions, but the overall mood was nonetheless upbeat. And how could it not be, given the breathtakingly vulgar fun-fair installation Now I Won by Swiss artist June 10—October 1, Our wetwear bodies found a hardware durability after we and our machines, long flirting, finally coupled.

Moodily lit with mint and hot pink, humanoid bods sport flight jackets Cherry and Martin, Los Angeles. Created in by artist and curator Arnold Bode, Documenta sought to advance the cultural reconstruction of Germany within the postwar European order. Reoccurring every five years, it has since unfolded into a periodic forum for contemporary art. When Adam Szymczyk was appointed artistic director of Documenta 14 in November April 8—July 16, At a moment when all kinds of anxieties can be tweaked by a tweeting president, Mel Bochner—a highly respected first-generation Conceptualist—has found his voice.

How do you relate?

Other founding Conceptualists of the late s— Robert Peter Freeman Inc. Six years in, Syria's Civil War has been the subject of a vast quantity of information—in the form of user-generated video, reportage, news analysis, social media updates—and yet we seem no nearer to an adequate means of representing it. Representation and resolution are often intertwined: the clarity of a representation, It is an odd premise for an exhibition, Relatively unknown in Europe, his name has until recently been associated with mail art, that most underrated of avant-garde movements.

The exhibition Maria Taniguchi. Earth-stuff goes through myriad transformations on its path to usefulness in our world. Soil, stone, water, oil, plants, animals, and the rest all pass through processes of cleaning, smoothing, separating, reconstituting. And at the end of that violence is an exquisite, terrifying flatness: one that expresses itself through identical buildings, Taka Ishii Gallery, Tokyo. They present the viewer with arrays of disparate objects, arranged on trestle tables, walls, and shelves, assembled according to a spontaneous logic of correspondence and juxtaposition.

Herald Street, London. Racial metrics were worse; case Earlier that year the terminally ill, functionally incapacitated painter had directed a team of assistants to produce an official Michael Werner, New York. One origin myth of ceramics: that far back in prehistory, basket makers packed their containers with clay to form a lining, and one day dropped one of these vessels into a fire, finding, when the ashes cooled, that the clay had hardened and remained where the woven structure was destroyed.

Kubikgallery, Porto. This dismal tableau Dvir Gallery, Tel Aviv. April 28—30, She was responding to mounting fervor over her rendition, included in the Whitney Biennial, of the mangled Lawrie Shabibi, Dubai. April 28, Bartolina Sisa, Aymara leader of the indigenous uprising against the Spanish in Bolivia, is brutally tortured, publicly humiliated, and killed by hanging. Her body is dismembered and, to prevent further rebellion, her head and extremities are exhibited at several locations known for their resilience.

Bartolina Sisa has Word on the street is they got the Crenshaw Cowboy. Into a gallery, that is. Anyone who has turned onto the westbound I at Crenshaw Boulevard has likely noticed him, an itinerant junk-assemblage artist who shows his sculptures at the top of the onramp. He also gives advice on fame April 25, Ephemeral moments, underlying truths, and the supernatural have all been teased out through choices around opening and closing shutters.

Fraenkel Gallery, San Francisco. Only someone with a lying mouth, according to Yoruba oral tradition, would speak first and look for visual confirmation second. The complete history of photography is inextricable from colonialism in I'll Follow Along Slowly.

Full text of "Cash Box"

I Know the Road Well. April 14, Metro Pictures, New York. By staging it in Germany and Greece, and expressing the hope that an exhibition bankrolled by the former might effectively critique the infrastructures of power that have immiserated the latter, curator Adam The eighth edition of the Contour Biennial is dedicated to this most noble of themes. Both thrilling and frustrating, the biennial offers vertiginous perspectives by artists and theorists, as March 11—May 21, From the darkness, a bright, circular spotlight illuminates a theater curtain.

Searching intermittently along its folds, the light traces paths which uncover crimson underneath deep black. The curtain finally pulls upward revealing a moon of bright white. Laura Bartlett Gallery, London. The racism, militarism, and misogyny coded into pop cultural forms like the television drama, he proposed, do not reflect social realities so Henie Onstad Kunstsenter, Oslo.

March 30, Her solo show in Dubai presents a new iteration of works exhibited last year at the Whitney Museum, New York, which further that investigation. The Third Line, Dubai. Twenty years after the handover of sovereignty from the United Kingdom to China, Hong Kong stands at a crossroads. The generation to come of age in the intervening decades has become restless, frustrated by the rejection of demands for universal suffrage the election for the next Chief Executive takes places March 25, Sharjah Biennial Tamawuj.

Bottles of seawater sit among makeshift red flags on charred concrete breezeblocks. March 16, Whether those lewd sketches were made to parody politics in wartime, as comic relief for those on the john, for One clean cut and—snip! Then comes the next braid—snip! Strand by strand, all the remaining black hair of this Asian woman, dressed in traditional Kyrgyz garb, is sheared off by her own hand. It falls around her feet, leaving her neck Laura Bulian Gallery, Milan. One day the interface between humans and computers will be seamless.

For now, it involves necks bent over smartphones, hours sitting hunched in front of a monitor, fingers and arms that still need to extend toward their devices. Despite all the talk about disembodied experiences and virtual worlds, computer technology Call it synchronicity. Castellucci delivered his speech, titled Whether or not you went in knowing what you wanted to get The Commercial Gallery, Sydney.

Lehmann Maupin, New York. Stevenson, Cape Town. February 24, Over the decade and a half of his career to date, Terence Koh has generated so many myths that it is now nearly impossible to begin thinking about his work without first acknowledging the tales of his personal and professional decadence in New York during the pre-crash mid-aughts, or the Moran Bondaroff, Los Angeles.

As opens there is a sense that all bets are off—that it is time to roll the dice and keep a hand open to all possibilities. Perhaps this is all the more so in the Netherlands—in many ways the closest of the EU countries to Britain and perhaps facing Nieuw Amsterdams Peil, Amsterdam.

February 17, Descartes already knew this, that is February 16, Farmer is an exponent of the artistic practice of finding a part of a derelict, languishing image, or two, or more, and through juxtapositions translating these elements into novel, Catriona Jeffries Gallery, Vancouver. Muhammed Ahmed Faris is the only Syrian who has traveled to outer space. Andrew Kreps Gallery, New York. February 10, Throughout an expansive practice that spans more than half a century, Michael Snow has questioned the conditions of perception and pushed against the material properties of multiple mediums.

In encountering his Christopher Cutts Gallery, Toronto. Graham has been active February 3, Sometimes an artwork responds to the world outside; sometimes the world outside responds to an artwork; and sometimes neither knows of the other, yet each is enhanced by it all the same. Such a moment occurred recently when one could march down Piccadilly, in protest with and in the presence Simon Lee Gallery, London.

What once belonged to a god is handed back to human life. Jablonka Galerie, Cologne. January 30, Von Calhau! No two noses are the same, Gogol notes. Some straddle along Nevsky Prospect without Galeria Pedro Alfacinha, Lisbon.

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January 27, Musa paradisiaca's "Masters of Velocity". Exhibited in separate gallery spaces, each The art world is overstuffed with collages of YouTube clips and Internet artifacts, with most of these trafficking in an ironic glibness that is overly praised either for its affect or lack of it. Gordon Matta-Clark. Earlier that year, Paris had come calling, and, at the invitation of the ninth edition of the Paris Biennale curated by Georges Boudaille, the artist realized Conical Intersect Photographs, photomontages, and film footage of Shetty outlines his curatorial concept with the story of a young traveler who went on a long journey to meet a sage.

December 12, —March 29, January 13, Pottery is place, folded and fired. It is soil, stone, flora, topography, and climate, massaged by human tradition and technique. In Japan, the placeness of ceramics has been taken to an extreme with local variations in style proliferating across the island nation. This sensitivity to place and materials echoes in Blum and Poe, Tokyo. January 12, Craggy peaks of stone, desolate plains, parched and rasping arctic coasts—still caught perhaps in some distant geologic era—provide a home to stray beasts of all kinds: the spindly heads of snakes rise like pinnacles from the summits of crumbling towers.

The sagging legs of pachyderms prop up arcades redolent of There is no more poetic organ than the human heart: a blood-soaked snarl of muscle tissue whose constriction is our literal life force, its cadence—its pulse —has been held accountable for not only bodily function but as the instrument of conscience, intention, love, and courage; a spiritual and corporal engine. January 6, Spiros Hadjidjanos. Yet each work functions on multiple levels, and is rewarding in equal proportion to how much time one dedicates to figuring it Future Gallery, Berlin.

Whatever one might think of Ai Weiwei, he has made it impossible to simply not think about him. Critical reactions to this development have Multiple Venues, New York. I was sent into darkness. There was a fuzzy light right behind the gallery door illuminating press releases laid out on a small table, and a gallery staffer equipped with a small flashlight.

Esther Schipper and Schinkel Pavillon, Berlin. December 15, Roslyn Oxley9 Gallery, Sydney. The s was inaugurated with the hour news cycle: CNN transmitted its first broadcast on January 1, Elizabeth Dee, New York. The figure is female. She wears a hood. Her torso, cut from Styrofoam embellished Stephen Friedman Gallery, London. In a shallow bay window facing 2nd St. December 6, If you apply yourself to your work, you will accomplish a great deal. However, while you are young, these traits will make it difficult for you to accept other people's authority. Your relationship with your father is very important.

You will be greatly influenced by his ways, although you will occasionally disagree with him and try to rebel. You want to know what the world is about, what is important in the public eye and what is generally considered significant. Among people of your own age, you will try to be a leader, and your peers will look up to you. Moon in Aquarius You value your freedom very highly and demand the right to do whatever you want at all times.

You like to be with a group of people, especially your friends, because your own ways and desires have more meaning if you can share them with others. Once you get to the point of feeling at ease with your emotions, you will reveal them quite spontaneously to others, and you may even get impatient with those who try to hide their feelings. You must learn to be tolerant of these and other emotional differences between yourself and other people.

Moon in the Third House Your feelings influence your decisions so much that it may be impossible to be objective, unless you make a great effort to be. Yet you have a good understanding of what is right for you and what isn't, and as you grow up you will learn the difference between judging something on emotional whim and judging by real intuition. On the other hand, you are good at talking about your feelings. Your habits have a very strong effect on how you think and act. Be careful of prejudices and beliefs that others have taught you.

Venus in Virgo You like to do favors for the people you like, because serving is one of the ways that you express love and friendship. The only problem in relationships is that you may believe that people like you for what you do, rather than for what you are. You may underestimate your own worth and not understand why other people like you. Learn to love yourself as well as others. You have high standards of perfection, but you don't let them overrule your sense of grace and form. But you must learn not to reject everything and everyone that does not live up to your high standards of beauty or of duty in relationships.

You have a good sense of discipline. Venus in the Ninth House You enjoy any activity that allows you to enlarge your experience. You enjoy traveling to new and different places and learning about ways of thinking that are different from what you know. You like to relate ideas and concepts to each other through a sense of harmony, because they seem to belong together rather than because they are connected logically. You are attracted only to those ways of thinking that involve human feelings.

mona riegger horoscope for two Mona riegger horoscope for two
mona riegger horoscope for two Mona riegger horoscope for two
mona riegger horoscope for two Mona riegger horoscope for two
mona riegger horoscope for two Mona riegger horoscope for two
mona riegger horoscope for two Mona riegger horoscope for two
mona riegger horoscope for two Mona riegger horoscope for two
mona riegger horoscope for two Mona riegger horoscope for two
mona riegger horoscope for two Mona riegger horoscope for two
Mona riegger horoscope for two

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