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December 24, 1953 Birthday Facts

This is one of those days when you might have had unrealistic expectations or a misunderstanding. Double check all details that are work-related today or perhaps even related to your health because confusion is rampant! People will make assumptions on incorrect data. Not you, of course. Assume nothing. Trust nothing. Romance might disappoint today.

Venus enters Sagittarius

Does your significant other know what you want? Unexpressed expectations almost always lead to disappointment. Likewise, be clear with your kids. Oh yeah.

Family conversations are confusing and circular today. Someone might play fast and loose with the truth. Tell the truth because your life is easier that way and people respect you. If someone hears you tell a lie, they will never know if they can really believe you in the future. Communications with others are foggy and vague today or they might be based on incorrect info.

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Postpone important decisions and cut yourself some slack. Be careful handling money today. Likewise, be careful with financial dealings including shopping, buying and selling, wheeling and dealing and discussions about salary. Today Mercury is in your sign at odds with fuzzy Neptune, which might make you secretive. It might also make you long for something that is probably never going to happen — one of those pie-in-the-sky fantasies. Be careful talking to others today because misunderstandings are likely.

Little secrets and matters involving sleight-of-hand are classic today. If you think something fishy is going on — it is. When dealing with groups today or perhaps a friend, make sure that your communications are clear and the people know what you expect of them and vice a versa because communications are confusing today! Many people are having conversations that are like two ships passing in the night.

If a boss or someone important asks you to do something — repeat back to them what you think they want you to do. Make no assumptions. Do not lie to a boss to avoid something uncomfortable. It has, to an extent.

Being a little unpredictable may seem like fun to you, but it could cause minor tensions in your wider circle! However, the evening will see a rather indulgent vibe move in. A slight tendency to send and be in receipt of mixed messages may well develop. This vibe may even become a little too boisterous for your liking by the evening.

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If you go about it in a tactful way, it will be easy to schedule in an hour to do your own thing! A second opinion could help you avoid this! In addition; as a sign yours is likely to be the one that locates, spots and identifies little glitches. It may be best to draw the line at offering gentle, constructive guidance.

December 24th Birthday Horoscope 2018-12222

Let others do their own thing too! The months ahead are likely to start with a more positive shift in the way things are at home, which is likely to improve even more over the weeks, especially by the end of January, thanks to a strong trio of aspects, that will emphasize your emotions. The planets tell us that Beyonce is already planning her next project which will introduce a more mellow approach to her singing!

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horoscope for 24 december Horoscope for 24 december
horoscope for 24 december Horoscope for 24 december
horoscope for 24 december Horoscope for 24 december
horoscope for 24 december Horoscope for 24 december
horoscope for 24 december Horoscope for 24 december

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