Moon sign cancer weekly horoscope

Cancer Weekly Horoscope

Some news or information could arrive that attracts a new love chapter for you. Or you may be inspired with some ideas that will help you to launch an incredible transformation. Just remember to stay grounded and realistic, and the ideas that you have, have the potential to take off. In the days approaching a Full Moon, karma is everything. By Saturday, Venus and Uranus work in opposition in your fifth house of pleasures.

You may see a big change or personal transformation arise on a big dream or goal under this energy. Follow the Scorpio love! Be true to integrity, and pursue goals because they are good for you, and not because you think that will make someone jealous of how awesome you are. Romantic communication could set you off a little bit, just remember what we said about staying in the light. You will have excess energy this day, and that's not your fault.

But use it in something productive and not on a temper tantrum and you will come out of it unscathed. The Full Moon arrives in Aries on Sunday, and this activates your tenth house of career and public image.

Focusing on work and connections that mean the most to you in the coming weeks and months. When you do, some big dreams are coming true. That's not too shabby as you wrap up a Full Moon week. Make those Full Moon wishes count this week, Cancer!

Prediction for cancer (Karka / कर्क) moon sign : 2019

Fire up your love light! This Tuesday, amorous Venus grooves into Scorpio and your passionate fifth house until November 1. Regardless of your current status—from single to married to anything in between—your mojo is rising and, with it, your visibility. Simmering connections can intensify quickly under this transit, especially if you know what you want and think you may have found it.

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If things are too shaky for your liking, cut bait and fish in richer waters. And since the fifth house rules fertility, couples who are thinking of starting or expanding a family have three weeks of wind in their sails. So hang the Do Not Disturb sign and weigh anchor. Last Week. This Week. Next Week. Weekly Overview: September 29 - October 5, Two sign changes this week keep the cosmic energy lively and interesting.

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First of all, Mercury promotes deep, serious thinking when it moves into the dark waters of Scorpio. Mars, meanwhile, flies the flat for justice, balance, fairness and equality when it arrives in Libra. Emotions run deep during this energy, and an opposition between Venus and Uranus could signify an intoxicating attraction, or a very unwelcome surprise. September 29 - October 5, October 6 - 12, October 13 - 19, Listen to your instincts.

You can read people very easily now and some of what you're picking up suggests mixed motives at best. If you don't feel that you can trust someone, keep your distance.

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Your gut isn't lying. Finding it hard to make up your mind? Mercury's arrival in your love zone creates some indecision and wavering, and not only on matters of love, either. End the procrastinating by giving yourself mini deadlines for decision making.

Cancer Monthly Horoscope

Sort out your clutter, clear your desk and make lists - lots and lots of lists. This is the ideal week to get organized, and to learn some better time management skills. There's so much more you could do if you could streamline life a little! Your sense of humor is very strong right now and indeed is one of your strongest assets if you're dating. Just remember, though, that your idea of a joke may be someone else's idea of a cruel taunt.

Keep it light and fluffy. Delve into your family history this week, ideally through conversations with the older generation or exploration of family archives, photos and paperwork. You'll be fascinated with what came before, or perhaps with the history of your home. Your curiosity is off the scale this week, which fortunately makes it very hard for you to get bored. You need a lot of mental stimulation, so if you're dating, look for someone who makes you think; there's more to love than looks!

Create some new money-making ideas to shore up your income. There are a lot of extra gigs or side hustles you could work if you wanted to - so pick ones which make you smile, or which involve your existing hobbies. Go for it! As Mercury arrives in your sign, you're more inclined than ever to speak your mind. Weigh up what you say carefully, because people will listen, will believe you and will follow you. Your words have power now, but that brings responsibility.

Cancer Monthly Horoscope - Cancer October Horoscope

Turn inwards this week and focus on your inner self. Try meditation or journaling or dreamwork to get in touch with your subconscious, the spirit world or the universe. Mystical and psychic experiences show you what is possible. Keep talking! You're feeling much more sociable than normal and now is a great time to expand your social circle and to make new friendships.

Look out for people on your wavelength who are interested in the same things which make you tick.

Cancer Weekly

At work, you're commanding more attention than normal, and people are listening to your ideas. This is great news - provided you have an idea which will be successful! It's a lot of pressure, but this is the kind of pressure you love.

moon sign cancer weekly horoscope Moon sign cancer weekly horoscope
moon sign cancer weekly horoscope Moon sign cancer weekly horoscope
moon sign cancer weekly horoscope Moon sign cancer weekly horoscope
moon sign cancer weekly horoscope Moon sign cancer weekly horoscope
moon sign cancer weekly horoscope Moon sign cancer weekly horoscope
moon sign cancer weekly horoscope Moon sign cancer weekly horoscope
moon sign cancer weekly horoscope Moon sign cancer weekly horoscope

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