Gemini woman and gemini man compatibility sexually

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But of course, Gemini people at their core are so very multifaceted that decoding them can take a lifetime. They think fast, often move fast and can dither over decisions as notions clash within them, creating disharmony in love by accident.

The Gemini Man And Gemini Woman; Is This A Good Match?

Avoid this by learning about Gemini and Gemini compatibility — the definitive guide to this partnership is right here waiting for you. The Gemini star sign is ruled by the planet Mercury, which in mythology has ties to communication, ideas, intellectual stimulation and having people exchange views — all extremely Gemini traits.

They say that there are several love languages, and that some people demonstrate their feelings with actions, others by gifts and support, and so on. Of course, expressing love with words is a big part of that, and Gemini and Gemini relationship compatibility likely thrives on these verbal declarations of affection. Astrology teaches us that the Gemini star sign is symbolised by the twins — the concept of two almost identical people with distinct personalities, goals and views on life.

Gemini people often seem to come across as several different minds inhabiting one body — not in an unhinged or dangerous way, but rather through their ability to see situations through several perspectives simultaneously. Gemini people can be fluffy and light one day, cynical and morose the next, cutting and sardonic the day after that, then spend the whole week thereafter living like a tortured, artistic spirit.

Gemini Man Gemini Woman Compatibility

Theirs is the gift of having an internal dialogue comprising countless voices, all with relevant views to get across. Indeed, it could well be that a fellow Gemini is one of the few signs with a mind fast enough to keep up with the breakneck speed of the thoughts of these folks. Gemini and Gemini matches work well due to the common ground found in being of the air element in astrology.

It shares the air element with Libra and Aquarius, and each of these star signs have different ways of expressing the qualities of the air element — communication, intellectualism, fresh ideas and unstoppable personal freedom. Keeping things light and carefree is something Gemini prefers in love, hating restrictions and obligations to excess. Beyond knowledge of how these star signs interact at the basic astrological level, we can gain further clarity by bringing the perspectives of each gender into the mix. Matches between two of the same star sign are often fascinating, but the ladies and gentlemen involved will nevertheless have a distinct point of view.

Gemini and Gemini Compatibility

A social butterfly if there ever was one, the Gemini woman finds it effortless to break the ice with people, and is likely to have a broad range of people in her clique, if not several social circles she can flit back and forth between to keep her electric mind sated. Dates are lively and full of chatter, often taking spontaneous twists and turns as new curiosities catch the eye of the Gemini woman and Gemini man alike. Both are flexible to sudden changes of mind in the other — a rare and precious things that makes love flow effortlessly.

That said, heavy emotions or ideas of being tied down too soon will cast a long shadow over this relationship — to say nothing of the grass is greener mentality their darker selves sometimes show. From the male perspective, love between a Gemini man and Gemini woman is something special — but also something that has to be worked for. The Gemini woman is difficult to pin down, always having plans and places to be that make it tricky to reach her sometimes.

You also have to remember that Gemini is a sign which bores very quickly. Without something more to cement this relationship together, it could easily turn into a quick fling — fun and memorable, but little more meaningful than that. One or other of the partners is likely to flit along to a new partner, sooner or later, because neither the Gemini man nor the Gemini woman is necessarily very faithful in love. Gemini man Gemini woman compatibility can therefore turn into something very fleeting indeed — unless both partners agree, perhaps, to an open relationship?

Neither are jealous or possessive, and both share the same air sign tendency to rationalize the relationship — they are quite capable of separating sex from love, and would cope better with unconventional arrangements than other couples would. Assuming that even this mercurial couple would consider that a step too far, however, the signs are not brilliant for long term compatibility. The Gemini man and Gemini woman may find it hard to settle into a humdrum life together, as neither one of them is willing to take care of the day to day necessities of life.

Because of this short attention span and the need both partners have to always look for the next big thing, Gemini man Gemini woman compatibility is not as promising as the compatibility between some other sets of same-sign partners. Ready to discover the real potential of your relationship? They have no hang ups about their sexuality and are both open-minded, quite inventive, and up for anything and everything. Both are good communicators, and both have the same erogenous zone, the brain.

Each knows how to tell their partner what turns them on in sexually explicit terms. These two can spend hours of time in sex play and dirty talk. They have no problem coming up with new and novel ways to enjoy each other sexually. However, there's usually no dreamy afterglow for this couple; neither likes to stay in bed long once the deed is done. Aquarius and Gemini are compatible air signs. They bring out each other's breezy, buoyant spirits, and that's a plus. Physical sex is important to both, but it is not the most important thing.

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It's the mental bonding rather than the physical bonding that makes their sexual relationship work and why Aquarius and Gemini are so compatible in bed. Skipping the emotional entanglement of a romance?

Gemini & Cancer Sexual & Intimacy Compatibility

Having both the friendship and the sex together and forgoing romance, sexual exclusivity, and commitment? While this sort of relationship could raise more than a few traditional eyebrows, that's not a problem for Aquarius and Gemini, who enjoy being seen as avant garde.

Sexual Astrology - Gemini Woman and Gemini Man

Plus, the raised eyebrows only serve to make their sexual relationship all the more exciting and pleasurable. Occasionally, a friendship with benefits relationship can produce passion, which may ignite romantic love. However, it's likely to take time. When commitment does enter the picture, it, too, will be somewhat unorthodox. However, communication shouldn't be a problem for a couple who can so easily detach from their emotions.

Of course when romantic love is sparked, so are emotions. The greatest challenge for this emotionally cool couple will be handling the hot emotional ups and downs of such an open and unorthodox relationship. The astrological sun signs give some clues to a couple's habits and preferences, but the sun is not really the driving force of sexual compatibility. Sun signs are important because they show how each lights up and energizes the other's life.

However, sun sign synastry only reveals a couple's general sexual compatibility. You'll have to check into the complete horoscope chart of each to get the full picture of a couple's sexual compatibility.

gemini woman and gemini man compatibility sexually Gemini woman and gemini man compatibility sexually
gemini woman and gemini man compatibility sexually Gemini woman and gemini man compatibility sexually
gemini woman and gemini man compatibility sexually Gemini woman and gemini man compatibility sexually
gemini woman and gemini man compatibility sexually Gemini woman and gemini man compatibility sexually
gemini woman and gemini man compatibility sexually Gemini woman and gemini man compatibility sexually

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