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Or is it something MUCH deeper?

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Coffee, aliens, "aesthetics? Gemini wins this, hands down. This is a rare conundrum where we can't tell if this took a lot of work or no work at all. Someone needs to explain this.


This Is The Ugliest Thing About You, Based On Your Zodiac Sign | Thought Catalog

A blind handful of any sign's candy destiny is probably really gross tbh. Capricorn probably wants to vom all the time. Was it really considered a teen show? Because they hold themselves to super high standards and expect everyone else to follow suit, they can be totally ruthless in making fun of someone. In general, Libras are fairly easy to get along with.

They are fair and kind.

It's Leo season, so you know what that means... (Leo Vines)

BUT they can be total slobs. They will gorge on fast food and overindulge.

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A Libra is definitely the one going through the Jack in the Box drive-thru at 2 am. Their confidence can quickly turn into pure narcissism and it becomes majorly intolerable. Nobody wants to be around someone so self-absorbed.

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Capricorns can be big snobs. If there's one thing I love about astrology, it's when someone can pinpoint a unique detail about a person's actions and pinpoint exactly what sign they are, and this account is the best at that. Astrology with a creative and feminist twist?

Yes, please. I love this account and I just started following it this week.

Best Astrology Instagram Accounts To Follow For Daily Spirituality

If you don't you are missing out. I would be remiss if I didn't mention my absolute favorite, real-deal-holyfield astrologer, the one and only Chani Nicholas. I don't know this for sure but I would bet she's a Virgo, because she's able to write about astrology and spirituality in such a grounded way that I never think to myself, "Hey, maybe she's a little out of her mind.

horoscope leo meme Horoscope leo meme
horoscope leo meme Horoscope leo meme
horoscope leo meme Horoscope leo meme
horoscope leo meme Horoscope leo meme
horoscope leo meme Horoscope leo meme

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